BRANDiSCOTT Associates, Inc.

Based in South Florida, BRANDiSCOTT Associates, Inc. is a targeted recruiting firm, specializing in the casual dining and retail markets.  Our focus is solely on the placement of experienced management talent in the restaurant and retail industries.  Our team of seasoned recruiters has more than forty years of combined experience.


By engaging the services of BSA, you can be assured of a number of things:


   -     Using a team approach, our entire staff will work to find what you need.

   -     The candidates we present will be sourced through professional means.

   -     Candidates will be provided with thorough information on your concept.

   -     Screening is always professional, consistant with your needs.

   -     Interviews are scheduled and followed up on, based on your


   -     Confidentiality policy will be strictly adhered to.

   -     References are always checked before an offer is made.

   -     An open line of communication is maintained with our client at all times.


If these are services and policies that are important to your organization, we welcome you to engage us.  We are always open to clients that appreciate how we operate.

See for Yourself


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